Application to PURCHASE a Border Collie Sheepdog !

Buying a Sheepdog should not be an easy, spur of the moment, process.

From the moment you take your next working partner home, the decision of which dog from which breeder/trainer, will affect your entire working life, hopefully making it an absolute pleasure for the next 10 plus years.

Choosing the wrong dog from the wrong breeder/trainer, is something everyone can avoid by doing their research.

Therefore, we should both take our time, for me it is to find our special new owners and for you it should be to source the breeder/trainer who will provide the best, well reared/trained and healthy dog possible

and of course, offers you FREE training opportunities and lifetime support if things go wrong, just like we do.

We look forward to sending you more information, by email, within 48 hours of recieving your application, our reply should answer 99% of your questions, including price (if price is very important and limited, then please put the budget price you are prepared to pay in your enquiry to us.

Please Note: we are not a normal desk type business, with lots of admin staff, so PLEASE DO NOT PHONE US, especially during daylight hours, as we may be, hands full already, outside training and/or caring for our dogs and will not normally have spare time to drop everything to talk to you.

If Urgent - You can send us a text, whatsapp or messenger.

If the form will not send or you have not recieved an autoreply please TEXT us your name address, telephone number and reason for enquiry. if we do not have this information we will NOT respond to the text.

send TEXT or Whatsapp, only to 07724520181