REGISTRATION FORM to attend a Training Clinic/Seminar/Workshop/Individual Lessons!

Please Note: we are not a normal desk type business, with lots of admin staff, so PLEASE DO NOT PHONE US, especially during daylight hours, as we may be, hands full already, outside training and/or caring for our dogs and will not normally have spare time to drop everything to talk to you.

If Urgent - You can send us a text, whatsapp or messenger.

send TEXT or Whatsapp, only to 07724520181

registration form should pop up, or you can complete the registration form below to request more details and then come back to this page to send your payment via PAYPAL.

If the Registration form will not load, or send, or you have not recieved an autoreply:-

please TEXT us 07724520181 = your name address, telephone number and reason for enquiry.

If we do not have this information we will NOT be able to respond to the text.

Thank you for making your booking to attend one of our training programs.

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