Ben & Bet watching others working sheep


On the following pages you will see the sheepdogs in training through the various stages.

We specialize in giving Border Collie sheepdogs and other sheepdog herding breeds, including but not exclusive to: Australian Kelpie, Bearded Collie (beardie), Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie), Rottweilers, German Shepherd(GSD), Australian Shepherd, a thorough grounding in the basics of working with sheep.

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Border Collie Rescue and rehabilitation

Border Collie Rescue and rehabilitation; We offer advice and training using our 25 years of experience gained by working with 100's of sheepdogs and their handlers, helping to provide them with kind with a diverse range of bad behaviours and problems.



Our methods

are based on using the dogs natural language and the dog is never forced into work or learning. We try to ensure the following in all lessons.

  • Natural
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • minimum stress for dog, handler and sheep
  • promote confidence
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We also undertake the rehabilitation and training of those rescue border collies as working sheepdogs for crofts, parks, hill, sheepdog trials, smallholding and sheperding duties on sheep and cattle farms worldwide.

Many of these collies would otherwised be euthanised due to their unsuitability as pets.

Janet with Ben and Brock


All the dogs in this section are at various stages of training to work sheep, cattle or Ducks and other farm liverstock.

We always have a selction of border collies, and occasionally may have an Australian Kelpie or Bearded Collie (beardie) to offer you as a working sheepdog for crofts, parks, hill, sheepdog trials, smallholding and other sheperding duties on sheep and cattle farms for worldwide.

Dogs shown on these pages may be available for purchase at any time to the right person


Janet Beale, with a group of dogs off to work.

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Janet with Ben and Brock


We hold training clinics and individual training for handlers and dogs throughout the year.


We DO NOT take dogs in for training on their own as it is always the handler that requires the training or requires to make the time available to put into the dog, after all the dog already has an instinctive knowledge of sheep, we are just there to guide the dog towards developing this instinct towards becoming the perfect working sheepdog.

Astra Chum, being started on ducks with the help of Astra Bute

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Because we are so busy on the farm and with the dogs, we have placed here a list of frequently asked questions relating to the purchase of a working sheepdog, their handling and training.


PLEASE,help us by reading these pages before you contact us.


Some good information can be found on the following site:


The Working Sheepdog Website: Border Collie Training - Information - Pictures & DVDs.